Queens Auto Sales | Frequently asked questions

Which finance company are you in association with?

We are associated with top lenders across US and you can expect to get an awesome deal from each of these lenders depending upon your need.

Do you offer financings?

No, we do not offer financing by ourselves. However, we are associated with a lot of lenders in the market, who offer lucrative deals to borrowers.

Are you posting vehicles to be sold or outside of US?

No, we are based in US. At this moment, wish to keep our customer base in US only.

How often is your vehicle listing updated?

Queens Auto Sales adds used cars listing at least once in a day. We update the site with whichever information that we gather next, whether it may be car detailing or information on a used car, which is entering the fray for the first time.

Can I get warranties on used cars from your stock?

If you have gone for certified car, you will get warranty and performance close to a new one. We want our customers to be comfortable in our car and deal. For more details on warranties on conventional used cars, contact our customer executives.

I cannot find a vehicle, which I wanted in your site. Can you help me in finding it out, even though it is out of your inventory?

As you know that, we are constantly updating our stock with different vehicles almost regularly. If you are looking for a car, which you do not find here, might be available within the next update. To ensure that you do not miss out, we give you an option of submitting a form for requesting about the car and its availability. Once the car is available with us, our customer executives will contact you and close the deal.

Why some of the vehicles do not have details in their description?

We generally believe in giving thorough description of each car listed in our site. If you do not find images or description, it might be because we have just got the car in our listing and we are trying to come up with the description of the vehicle. We just made it available for the buyers to look at the option, which we have. There are high chances the next time, our site update takes place or you login next, you will find the description for the car in our site.

How can Your Auto Prices be Lower than Most Other Queens Car Dealer?

At Queens Auto Sales, we work with lower overhead expenses when compared to other dealers operating in Queens. We make sure that our profits are passed on to you as savings on your cars.

How can you keep a huge and diverse collection in cars?

We have an x number of vehicles updated on our site almost regularly. We make sure that the needs of the people in Queens and nearby areas are met completely.